The 2nd Insider Movement Conference Online Video Series

The Second Insider Movement Conference was held to continue the discussion about radical contextualization and its implications. Missionaries, missiologists, professors, and theologians gathered together for 3 days to present papers that assess IM from a biblical and missiological perspective.

In these online videos you will hear from the 15 presenters of this conference, and their critiques of certain assumptions and methodologies used by Insiders.

One of the presenters says, " greatest desire in this matter is not to extend the olive branch to those with whom I disagree, rather its to invite them to fully identify themselves with God’s visible family, His olive tree, His people, the church of Jesus Christ." -Nikides

  • Joshua Lingel, Insider Movements, A Critical Assessment
  • Bill Nikides, Lost in Translation: Insider Movements and Biblical Interpretation
  • Dr. Ergun Caner, Medieval Mormonism: 36 Parallels Between Islam and Mormonism
  • Dr. David Talley, God’s Commands for Dealing with Pagan Religions and Pagan Religious Practices
  • Rev. Adam Simnowitz, In Danger from False Brethren: How the IM Affects Ministry, Personal Reflections
  • Abdu Murray, J.D. A Misguided Mission: How IM Robs us of the Blessing of Persecution
  • Dr. Amir Caner, The Insiders Movement Equivalent of Limbo: The CAMEL Method
  • Rev. Anwar Hossein, Insider Movements in Bangladesh
  • Dr. David Cook, The Islamic Traditions on the Insider Movements
  • Rev. John Span, The Confusion of “Kingdom Circles”: A Clarification
  • Georges Houssney, Would Paul become a Muslim to Muslims?
  • Brian Lenney, Confrontations with IM in the Local Church: A Report
  • Dr. Roger Dixon, Muslim Replacement Theology
  • Elijah Abraham, Jesus of Christianity and Islam
  • Dr. Jeff Morton, IM Also Means Inappropriate Missiology

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