The Five Principles

The "Five Principles" is a captivating 2-hour seminar about what we believe and how we communicate our faith with gentleness and respect with Muslims. This Biblical teaching tool is conducted by a dynamic Middle Eastern teacher who has the privilege of sharing his faith straight from the Word of God, with much love, much prayer, and depending on God's sovereign guidance.

In a unique way he recalls his experience within the heart of the Arab World and how the Lord inspired him to answer pointed questions asked by Muslims around the world: 1) Authenticity of the Bible, 2) Consistency of the Bible, 3) Why we believe Jesus is the Son of God, 4) Did Jesus really die on the cross, 5) The Trinity.

The "Five Principles" is a testimony, reference, resource, and tool presented creatively with powerful illustrations. The 30 page booklet provides all the information you need to know, and the engaging 2-hour lecture is found on the DVD along with full seminar notes.

Price: $3.00

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