Resource Library Set (all four discs)

If you desire to become effective in ministry to Muslims, please do consider this new collection of 4 Resource CDs. Each is a treasure from those who have gone before us. The material is not dated because the authors were committed to proclaiming the timeless truths of scripture. They faced many of the same controversial issues that challenge missions to Muslims today, and responded with confidence and wisdom.

DISC 1: The Samuel Zwemer Book Collection

This collection of 46 books was written, co-written, edited, and/or co-edited by the man known as "the Apostle to Islam”, and "the Apostle to Muslims", during his lifetime. Though no longer a household name, Samuel Zwemer put missions to Muslims on the map of most North American churches through direct or indirect influence. This disc provides sober and accurate assessments of Islam and Muslims as well as great material on missions, theology, and the Bible. The searchable, digital format makes it ideal for research and writing.

DISC 2: The Arabian Mission Newsletters

Contains 250 issues from 1892-1962

DISC 3: The Moslem World, a Quarterly review of current events, literature and thought among Mohammedans and the progress of Christian Missions in Moslem lands

Contains Volumes 1-37 from 1911-1947

DISC 4: “Required” Reading for Islamic Studies, a mini-library of 85 books on Islam, missions to Muslims and related topics. This disc is the only one without a searchable format.

Price: $45.00

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