January 2012 Update on Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani

Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, held in an Iranian prison since 2009, was convicted of apostasy from Islam in 2010 after consistently refusing to recant his faith in Christ He was leading a house church of 400. He and his wife, Fatemah Pasindedih, have two young sons. Fatemah was also convicted of apostasy but the conviction was overturned.

In December of 2011 his execution was delayed for a year, possibly to give him more time to recant his Christian faith. For more information, please visit Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

To find out how to become part of the international effort that has pressured the Iranian judiciary to adhere to the Iranian constitution and release Pastor Nadarkahani rather than execute him, visit the Prayer Place’s December update.

Remember that Pastor Nadarkhani is not the only Christian imprisoned in Iran for being an active follower of Jesus. To find out more about the church in Iran, visit Elam Ministries.