Training Initiatives

From the political revolutions in motion across the Arab World to the social and demographic transformation taking place in Canada through Muslim immigration, the world as we know it is changing profoundly.

What has not changed, of course, is the human heart—or the Word of God. At a time of theological and missiological confusion, the training initiatives of Salaam will be built upon the foundation of God’s inerrant word and clear biblical principles for contextualization and missionary practice.

Salaam's training initiatives reflect one other important influence: the growing role of the Muslim-background church. Here in Canada and across the Muslim world, God is raising up bold and courageous believers from a Muslim background. As we seek to help the Canadian church respond to the growing challenge of Islam—and remain faithful to the task of sending qualified workers to Muslim lands—Salaam Ministries will increasingly partner with believers from a Muslim background.

Salaam's Training Initiatives include:

  • Training of home and overseas workers in evangelism, church planting, Islamics, apologetics, and more – a training model built upon 2 Tim 1:8-14 and 2 Tim 2:2
  • Mentoring and accountability for small group/local church leaders engaged in ministry to Muslims
  • Conferences for training and encouragement; celebrating God's work among Muslims in Canada and across the Muslim world
  • Advocacy and mobilization for unreached and unengaged Muslim people groups
  • Research, publication and promotion of scholarly papers defending biblical standards for contextualization and missionary practice