The Meaning of Discipleship

Winter 2012

Dear Ministry Partners,

I'm over the Atlantic, after visiting Salaam members living in "the Arab Spring" countries. Praise God for these men and women committed to following Jesus among Muslims.

One Training Associate has a vision to mobilize nationals to neighboring people groups; I taught in their training event with a dozen young skilled evangelical Egyptians. Another Salaam member ministers to the privileged in the Gulf; we went out for dinner with a young couple related to royalty, who are trying to have children. Surrounded by opulence and under the stars, time vanished over passionate exchanges concerning man's bent, God's identity, and home: peace with God. Praise God! Please, pray.

While on-site in another location, our Training Associate went to the police station with Holy Spirit boldness - after fasting and prayer - announcing he would not leave without his Syrian brother ("Emad", a Christian from Muslim background, had been jailed for his faith three days earlier). It is no wonder, as our Training Associate was Emad's father in the faith, and Emad had just been identified as ready to become an elder in his house church and is married with young children. 

We rejoice that Emad was released within hours, and had not been tortured. Let's pray for Emad's family and church (Christians from Muslim background) to be strengthened. Let's pray for this Training Associate who
is mentoring several CMB leaders.

Friend, please carefully read Professor Nickel's lead article, which provides a biblical definition to the common term "disciple". Salaam Ministries is all about making disciples among Muslims. To make disciples requires first knowing what a disciple is, and then second being a genuine disciple.
Those we disciple are affected more by who we are, than what we say. For example, Jesus explains in Matthew chapters 5-7 that his disciples are:

  1. Poor in spirit (5:3). Do I have a poverty of spirit? Do I daily recognize my own inability and critical need for God in every aspect of my life?
  2. Mourn over sin (5:4). When I disregard God's way (i.e. sin), do I experience godly sorrow that leads to repentance without regret?
  3. Meek (5:5). Am I passionate about being governed first and foremost by God? Do those closest to me characterize me as yielded to God?

God's strategy is for the next generations of apprentices to become disciples who are poor in spirit, mourn, and are meek, etc. through being around disciples who teach - and model - these qualities. It's caught more than taught. A father may say to his son, "love your wife", but if the son regularly sees his father practicing the opposite, it will be extremely difficult for the son to go and do differently.

Jesus modeled intimate fellowship with the Father; Jesus made disciples; Jesus then commanded us to go and do likewise. Praise God for a clear way forward.

Please pray that Salaam leadership and members will profoundly follow Jesus - by being biblical Spirit-empowered disciples - to all Muslims. Also, please pray over what our team has put together in this Loving Muslims, particularly the essence of being a disciple. Your questions and comments are welcome at

Thank-you for praying,

Nelson and Karee Lee 

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