The Lord is reaching Muslims in Canada…

Muhammad Al-Hallaaj— a Salaam Training Associate from Iraq who had become a Christian in the Middle East—was scheduled to attend a one-week discipleship training course earlier this month. Contrary to the pre-determined plan, when Muhammad went to pick up a car on Sunday, January 1, he discovered car rental agencies were closed. Disappointed that he would miss the first day of training, he rescheduled to Monday an appointment he had arranged at a Tim Horton’s halfway to the training institute. But on Monday the approved rental agencies were still closed.

Angry about the whole situation, Muhammad returned home where his wife prayed for him and urged him to use the family car to keep the appointment instead of rescheduling again - even if it was 2 hours away.

The appointment was with a Christian man, “Joe”, who had read the English version of More Than a Dream, a book chronicling describing Muhammad's search for peace. Joe had corresponded with Muhammad by email using the address provided in the book. Joe wanted to introduce Muhammad to a Muslim friend, “Ashad”, who had read the book in Arabic and questioned its truthfulness. Ashad, who is from Iraq and has been in Canada for only six months, wanted to meet Muhammad in person to verify his story. Ashad had never met a Christian who had been born Muslim, and had many questions about Muhammad’s story and what that could mean for him personally.

As the three men sat together at Tim Horton’s, Muhammad revealed his intimate knowledge of Islam, convincing his new friend that he had indeed been a Muslim. Then he took out the Arabic Bible he had brought as a gift and reviewed the story of salvation from beginning to end. After talking together for little more than 1 1⁄2 hours, the trio prayed together in Arabic and English and Ashad made the decision to accept Christ as his Savior, leave his Muslim faith and become a Christian!

Joe has already started a Bible study with Ashad - with the help of Muhammad providing ongoing mentorship for Joe to disciple Ashad.

Isn’t that amazing? Think of what led to such an awesome outcome: Muhammad’s story is available in one book that includes English and Arabic; a Christian who is being intentional about loving Muslims new to Canada had the courage to share the book with a new friend, and then contact the author; Muhammad together with his wife persevered through obstacles that threatened to prevent a divine appointment; and the Holy Spirit met with the three men there at Tim Horton’s, touched a heart and transformed a life. “Lord,You do all things well!”

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