Muslims are here! How will we respond?

Salaam Ministries is offering "12 Weeks of Mentoring" to equip you as a disciple to, in turn, disciple believers from a Muslim background.  Sessions are led by Salaam Training Associate Dr. Gordon Nickel and based on the principle that scripture provides the best guidelines and parameters for effective disciple-making among Muslims.

Some of the topics we address:                        

  • The love of Jesus – why does it attract Muslims?
  • God’s heart for Muslims – how does this affect my heart?
  • Honesty about Islam – what does it really teach?
  • Hard questions Muslims ask Christians – how do I answer honestly & effectively?
  • Discipling new believers - how do I minister freedom and establish a firm foundation?

Whether you are a pastor, student, working in an office or at home, we've made the training accessible and practical for you.  The course consists of 12 online webinars as well as a Salaam mentor to interact personally with you each week, usually by Skype, for the purpose of working through questions unique to you or your small group. 

Depending on what works best for you, there are several online training options available:

  • Participate in the webinar each Thursday from 11:45 am - 1:15 pm (90 minutes) followed by live discussion (all online) or,
  • Watch the recorded webinar with a Salaam trainer and small group at a time convenient for you, followed by a discussion time (all online) or,
  • Watch the recorded webinar at your own personal convenience and then meet with your Salaam mentor one-on-one (all online) or,
  • A combination of the above

 Cost: $200 per person, or per household / small group.  Training and outreach materials are included.

For Inquiries & Registration:

What previous participants have said about 12 Weeks of Mentoring:

"Pursuing Muslim ministry can be, at times a lonely and discouraging venture.  How wonderful it is to have a passionate and experienced mentor guiding, strengthening and fortifying you as you learn and grow.  A journey travelled is always richer when shared." (Ontario participant)

"I really appreciated getting to know my mentor on a more personal level.  His ready openness to share his life experiences and insights in ministry has been very valuable." (Alberta participant)