Training and Mentoring

SALAAM'S MISSION is equipping and releasing believers to make disciples as Jesus would, among Muslims wherever they live

  • Equipping: Providing quality training for the mind and soul
  • Releasing: Relating with a fruitful mentor for ongoing support and guidance
  • Make disciples: Jesus taught that each of us are to have mentors (to be disciples), and to be mentoring others (to make disciples)
  • As Jesus would: Following Jesus' example within biblical guidelines and parameters
  • Among Muslims wherever they live: every community, every country

Salaam's Training Associates have a proven track record in making disciples among Muslims and in mentoring others. Often the most fruitful disciple-makers are Christians from Muslim background (CMBs). Two of our TAs are CMBs with fruitful ministries; one of our TAs is an international expert in Islamic studies; our other TAs have cross-cultural experience in ministry among Muslims.

Salaam offers various levels of training and mentoring from introductory to advanced. Here is what we currently offer:

  • Seven Weekly Emails

    The recipient receives seven consecutive weekly lessons of concise practical help to make disciples among Muslims – FREE

  • 12 Weeks of Mentoring Webinar
    Salaam offers a robust webinar-based curriculum directed by Dr. Gordon Nickel. Content areas include understanding Islam from a biblical perspective, the power of the gospel among Muslims, answering questions Muslims ask, discipling new believers from Muslim background, soul care for workers among Muslims and establishing the church in Muslim-majority nations. Each participant in "12 Weeks" is paired with a Salaam Training Associate to pursue relationships based on prayer, encouragement, discussion and further learning. Registration fee $200.

Sign up now to participate in the next 12 Weeks of Mentoring Webinar – starting in January 2013!

  • Making Disciples Initiatives
    Individuals and churches are encouraged to request bulk supplies of More than a Dream (testimony of a former Muslim, in Arabic and English) and Five Principles (DVD with booklet teaching how to address five issues that will come up in communicating the gospel to a Muslim).  These resources are FREE; you will need to cover shipping and handling.

  • Making Disciples Among Muslims Weekends
    Salaam trainers will lead a Friday night / all-day Saturday event at your church. Sessions include: Testimony of Muhammad Al-Hallaaj, How to Respond to Muslims, Islam 101, Contrasts between Islam & Christianity, Jesus' Model of Ministry, Where Do We Go from Here? Contact us to express your interest in attending or hosting a Making Disciples weekend.

Contact Salaam to begin your training and mentoring to become a disciple-maker among Muslims - as Jesus would, wherever they are:

Call Patti at 780.421.9090, or
Email, subject line: Training & Mentoring