Donate Shares

One form of a "gift in kind" is a security that is listed on a recognized stock exchange. If donors make gifts of listed securities such as common shares, they receive a special tax benefit. That happens when the listed security has appreciated in value since they acquired it. Since May 2, 2006, when donors make a gift of shares they do not need to include any of the capital gain that they normally would have to declare as taxable income had they sold the shares and given the cash proceeds instead. For example, let’s assume that a donor wants to make a gift of 100 shares that originally cost $5,000. The shares trade at $80 at the time of the gift. If the donor would sell the shares and make a gift of the cash proceeds to a charity, the net cost of the gift would be $675 greater than if the donor made a gift of the shares instead (assuming a 45% combined federal and provincial rate). To illustrate the result, please see the following comparison:
Cash Gift
  Gift of Shares
Sell the shares and donate the cash $8,000
Gift of shares instead $8,000
Less donor's original cost -5,000 -5,000
Capital gain 3,000 3,000
Capital gain rate 50% 0%
Reportable capital gain for tax purposes 1,500 0
Assumed tax rate 45% 45%
Tax on reportable capital gain 675 0
Net cost of gift to donor:
Original cost 5,000 5,000
plus Tax on capital gain 675 0
minus Tax Credit (8,000 x 45%) -3,600 -3,600
Net cost of donor's $8,000 gift $2,075 $1,400
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