Missions and Muslims: C-5, Insider movements, and Hyper-Contextualization

In light of the popular missiological themes of hyper-contextualization in Islamic settings, I must categorically reject the ideas of some (e.g., Travis, Massey) to promote or encourage even the appearance of syncretism. With Parshall, I believe that the “C-5” designation represents a dangerous concession to Islam.[1] I am not even wholly convinced with Parshall that the “C-4” approach is biblical sound and theologically consistent. I can find no biblical warrant for “lessening the blow” of conversion; it is a cross that Christ warns may well divide even families (cf. Luke 12:53). There is a cost to discipleship and to mitigate that cost – at the higher cost of denying it (even outwardly) – is simply not the answer. To separate “identity” between how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us is to set up a false (or, at the least, deceptive) dichotomy. My faith should spur me on to be transparent and to show to the world precisely who I am and Whose I am.

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