Is the Allah of Islam the Father of Jesus?

Summer 2011

Dear Partner in Christ,

How I would like you to fellowship with the Salaam member who just returned from her assignment with us in the Horn of Africa. Her cover story gives you a taste, but tears would come to your eyes as they did to mine as she told of serving next door to one of our Five in Five people groups (see for more information regarding Salaam’s focus on mobilizing messengers of the gospel to five unengaged Muslim peoples by Dec. 2012). With the natural and spiritual qualifications necessary, she ministered physical and eternal life in orphanages and refugee camps in arguably the most violent country on the planet. 

THANK YOU for supporting Canadian field members like this! Please continue to pray with us for the Lord of the Harvest to send Canadian laborers – to Muslims in Canada and among Muslims, who as of yet, do not have their own national church. It was a privilege to meet several of you in the various town hall meetings and events conducted across Canada in June. We were specifically inviting stakeholders feedback on how best to carry out our mission of equipping and releasing believers to make disciples as Jesus would, among Muslims wherever they live. Here’s what we heard:

  1. Training of home and overseas workers in evangelism, church planting, apologetics and Islamics would be of great value. Specifically, Salaam would add significant value if we offered apologetics-based courses for the small group leaders who arise out of general presentations made to congregations.
  2. Mentoring and accountability for small group leaders who are themselves ministering to Muslims and leading others in ministry to Muslims. Specifically, it is desired that Salaam raise up a networkof mentors – including believers from a Muslim background – who would relationally train small group leaders in evangelism and discipleship among Muslims.
  3. Research, publication and promotion of the scholarly papers defending biblical standards for contextualization of the gospel among Muslims.
    Specifically, collaborate with the best available practitioners and scholars to publish biblical parameters.

Speaking to this last point, I introduce you to a respected colleague, Dr. Bill Nikides – a key scholar on biblical ministry among Muslims. You will notice his “news release” which several church leaders in Canada have found especially helpful.

At the heart of the contextualization issue is THE IDENTITY OF GOD. For decades, some missions leaders have stressed establishing dialogue with Muslims on the premise that we serve the same God. Today, the top leaders of some mission organizations are unwilling to stand up and say, "We do NOT believe the Father of Jesus is the same as the Allah of Islam". Indeed, growing numbers of evangelical churches in North America are teaching their members to say to their Muslim neighbours, "We serve the same God". Is this how Jesus would have us demolish every imagination and worldview that raises itself up against the knowledge of God?

On behalf of the Salaam team,


Nelson and Karee Lee

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